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Grand Prix Detours
April 16 - 19, 2015
Through entire span of service

Thunder Thursday, April 16, 2015

Passport: April 16 - April 17 There will be no service to the Pike or Shoreline Village. Buses will serve the Aquarium (back side on Golden Shore) and the Queen Mary. Please board buses along Pacific Ave or Ocean Blvd west of Pacific Ave.
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Routes 46, 111, 112 Leaving the Transit Gallery there will be no service on Pacific north of 1st street or along Broadway from Pacific to Long Beach Blvd. Buses will go south on Pacific to Ocean. They will turn left onto Long Beach Blvd. Route 46 will continue up Long Beach Blvd. to resume regular route to Anaheim St. Routes 111 & 112 will turn onto Broadway to resume their regular routes.
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Race Days, Saturday & Sunday April 18 - 19, 2015

Passport: No service to the Pike, Shoreline or Aquarium. Please board along Pacific Ave. north of Ocean. From the Queen Mary, the Passport will continue straight on Ocean to Pacific where it will resume regular route.
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Route 121 Buses: April 18 - April 19
Regular service will operate along Ocean, through Belmont Shore, CSULB, to Ximeno at PCH and the Traffic Circle. Board the 121 bus at Shelter “H” on 1st Street just west of LB Blvd. or on Ocean east of LB Blvd. when traveling back to Belmont Shore, CSULB, or the Traffic Circle.

Route 61, 71, and 72 Buses: April 18 - 19
These routes will be detoured off Ocean to avoid expected heavy traffic. Inbound/outbound 61 buses will travel along 1st from Atlantic to/from the Transit Gallery and outbound 71/72 buses will travel along Broadway back to Alamitos before resuming the regular route.
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AquaBus Water Taxi: April 18 - 19
Route 1 AquaBus will run 8am to 6pm between the Queen Mary, Hotel Maya, Pine Circle (Dock 7), and Parker’s Lighthouse (Dock 9).
Route 2 AquaBus will run from 11am to 3pm with service between the Queen Mary and Pine Circle (Dock 7). Fare is $1 and good for one crossing over the bay.